3 Turn Offs For A Strong Woman!

There is nothing like finding a strong woman.

She’s reliable.

She’s smart.

She’s beautiful.

She’s honest.

And most of all she’s strong.

That’s why you want to keep her right?


Well fellas, today’s blog, “3 Ways To Turn Off A Strong Woman” is ALL ABOUT YOU. I want you to make the right decisions when dating this kind of woman so that when you get her, you wont lose her. One thing about it, strong women are worth the effort and work, but we can be pretty hard to get.

Lets dive right in guys! 

1. Being Too Sensitive

Women love a guy who’s in touch with his sensitive side.


Not too much in touch..


Then we’ll start to wonder.

If a woman has to constantly baby you all the time, she will cringe in her stomach. There is nothing more beautiful to a woman than seeing her man be all big and strong and confident! However, if that confidence breaks in a second due to someone cracking a joke or hurting her mans feelings. She will be a tad bit disturbed inside.

How do I know?

Because I once dated a guy like this and lets just say I quickly cut him off. He was always whining about this and that and crying over such small matters. One day when I was listening to him whine, I literally stopped what I was doing to sit back & listen to him. In my head I was thinking💭 “Oh, my gosh dude, your like 6 feet tall and 230 pounds and you’re whining everyday like this?”

So Annoying.

Fellas,  if you want to keep her around, don’t be too sensitive. Seeing a big, strong, handsome man cry at the drop of a hat and get offended every day is just not cute. That’s a chore I will leave another woman to do. I will not be babying 🍼 a grown man every day.

Catering, serving and spoiling him??



Babying, apologizing every 5 seconds and walking on eggshells for him??



Before I get to the next point I want to leave you a little checklist. So you can kind of know when it’s okay to cry and when it’s not.

Reasons to Cry

  • Worshiping God or In The Presence of God. (Yes baby, Cry away! That is beautiful!)
  • Wedding Day!
  • You and your wife’s first baby (over filled with joy)
  • Loss of a loved one. (Of course. Cry for weeks, months, take all the time you need dear!)
  • Other happy events like graduation, engagement, kids first day at school, accomplishing a big task or a dream coming true. (etc.) (Yes all those are cute).

Reasons NOT to cry

  • Someone checked you. (Simply check back and laugh about it).
  • Your girl tells you, maybe you should wear something else. (Just change the clothes, don’t take it to heart. Men help us get ready all the time! We’ll say “Honey is this cute?” and if he says “No.” Guess what? We put on something else! It’s not that big of a deal).
  • You lost while playing a video game. (seriously guys?)
  • Your girl doesn’t like the gift you bought her. (Next time take her shopping and let her pick out what she wants. You may not be a good gift giver and that’s okay! usually men aren’t.)

But pleasssseee don’t cry about it! 😓 geeshhh…

Moving On!

2. Playing Games

Oh my goodness, I cannot stress this enough. Men are game players by nature. They have been playing them since the beginning of time. Little boys start out playing with action figures, toy cars, Mario kart, (etc.) and as they get older, it turns into basketball, football, playing pool, madden.

Women however played with baby dolls, (preparing us for children), doll houses (preparing us for a family and a home), and we played with cooking stoves and easy bake ovens (preparing us to cook). So we are a little more serious about relationships naturally than men are.

And that’s okay. 

We’re supposed to balance each other out.

However, playing games on a woman, (especially a strong woman) is not good…

Not good at all…

Saying you’ll call her back later, only not to call her because you want to act tough and regain some stupid power back that you feel you’ve lost is stupid. So is, playing some egotistical logic on her, that you and your clueless buddies came up with.


Fellas, those things will not show her anything.

But she, however, will show you the BLOCK zone.

Few Other Games Not to Play

  • The Not Keeping Your Word Game, Telling her you’ll do things and then don’t, is a quick way to get dismissed as well.
  • The Fall Back Game, mature women will not try to guess why you all of sudden fell back, if you repeatedly do this after she’s spoken to you about her feelings, she will start to ignore you and all your past efforts would have been wasted.
  • The Reverse Psychology and trying to make a woman figure you out Game, look guys, dating is already strenuous as it is, and women don’t need all that extra drama that unstable men sometimes bring to the table, being wishy washy is a game strong women will not play.

You will be playing all those games by yourself.

So, fellas don’t play games with a strong woman, simply be yourself and let the relationship flow.

NOTE: Don’t get advice from men who don’t have a clue about dating women. If you need advice, get it from a man who’s wise and has experience dating strong classy women, or, better yet get advice from an older wise woman.

3. Clingy Spirit

Affectionate: readily feeling or showing fondness or tenderness. devoted; caring.

Clingy: someone who likes you who becomes obsessed. 

The reason I gave you both definitions is because I wanted you to know that there is a difference! A man’s affection is beautiful!!!!!!! (yes I had to put all those exclamation marks so you can know how important your affection is to us).

Your kind heart and affection towards us gives us the same feeling you get when we praise you for doing something, or when we respect you/submit to you. Let me give you an example.


Woman: “Baby can you fix this shelf for me, it keeps falling?”

Man: “Yeah, I think so. Let me try.”

Man: (Gets nails & hammer, and succeeds).


Woman: (Jumps all over him) “Oh my goodness baby you’re so strong and smart!! Ugh, I just love having you around! You help me out so much! Thank you Baby!!!” (Kisses him)

Men we all know, that you will be smiling from ear to ear. You’ll be thinking (man that was so small and she did all that just cause I helped her fix a shelf?) But guess what? You would be more attracted to her than you would if you were to perform that same task for another woman who simply said. “Thanks.”

That’s because the first lady made you feel some kind of value from you simply being there and helping her out. And just like you would get happy from the above scenario. (Because you felt appreciated.) Us women feel the same way when men are tender and affectionate toward us.

Men look at (respect+praise=love) and women look at (time+affection=love).

That’s why when men do small things for us. We’ll go and tell the whole world!

Girl let me tell you about my man honey…”

We’ll call up every girl we know and brag on what you just did and how you did it, because we like bragging on our mans love toward us. That’s us telling all our girls, “Yeah your man is good, but mines is the best!”

NOTE: Affection is a woman’s measuring stick to love.


I don’t really know why were like that…lol but we are. So, if you really like this woman and you’ve been dating her for some time now, get with the program brother!

Start being affectionate.

If you’re not affectionate we take it as “He doesn’t like me.” A man being cold and distant is not readable. Meaning, we can’t figure out if you’re interested or not. The bad thing is, some of you men may actually like this woman but you’re talking yourself out of doing nice things for her because you don’t want to come off as “Sprung.” or like “You’re doing too much too soon.” “I don’t want her to think I’m blah..blah..blah..” 🙄

Let me just tell you fellas, whatever the reason is for you not being affectionate towards her, I should tell you, (affection and being kind) melts any strong woman’s heart. No matter how strong she may be.

Examples of Affection:

  • Taking her out to a place she’s been wanting to go to, & giving her some cheesy cute necklace. (And yes we actually fall for that stuff…it’s terrible how easy we are sometimes…🙄)
  • If she changed something about herself, like her hair, hair color, or loss weight (etc.) or she simply looks good to you, tell her! When you pass by her just say, “I like the new hair color it really looks nice on you.” (trust she will be saying to herself all day “Omg! I cant believe he noticed my hair?”)
  • Tell her how much she means to you, and kiss her on the hand or the forehead afterwards. (Once again, cheesy. But we’re total suckers🍭.)
  • Thought I was going to give you another point huh? The devil is a lie, I’m not finna give you all this good information to use on my ladies like that! 😂

Now, moving on!

On the flip side….

I must also let you know,

NOTE: Affection is Not Obsession!

And there is not a thin line between the two!

They are two T-O-T-A-L-L-Y different things!

Stalking a woman, calling her all day everyday, blowing up her inbox with,

  • Hi, 👋🏼 my love.
  • Who you with?
  • I miss you.
  • What you doing now?
  • Dang, so you just gonna ignore me like that?
  • Aight, cool.
  • (Text back 10 minutes later) “Okay, I’m not mad no more, I want to see you.”
  • You want to hang tomorrow then?

Oh my goodness that is disgustinggg…

How do I know fellas?

Once again, I have dated this kind of man. Not to mention that I still get daily crazy messages from men all over the world. A few years back, I started talking to this guy for two days. We messaged each other for about a week before I finally gave him my number. Immediately, I regretted my decision. After our second phone conversation this man took a few moments to pause and tell me how much he loved me. How he’d never felt this way before. And not only did he love me, but he wanted me to meet his parents the following weekend. He had a farm and wanted to take me horse back riding (he was rich) and it totally bummed 🙁 because….

I’ve always wanted to ride a horse, butttt if I had to deal with a crazy person to do it…


Ehhh…. I’ll pass. lol. Some women may deal with a clingy man, to use him or get money from him but not this girl. Rich or not if you’re clingy and crazy, I’m cutting you off, point blank.

Seriously fellas, nothing says desperate like a man who’s constantly calling a woman, constantly on her tail, constantly stalking her, telling her all these sweet things and she has yet to reciprocate that love back to him. Now I’m not talking about men who are pursuing a woman and trying to find out about her. No. Once again don’t mis- understand me. I am speaking about the psycho’s who constantly text, call, and leave messages with no remorse and no conscience. A man behaving in such a manner is NOT AT ALL ATTRACTIVE!!!

A strong woman will run the opposite way.

Okay guys, I hoped you all enjoyed the blog!

Once again, its been fun hanging with yall!

Until next time!

💋TakyahLove 💋



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