Waiting To Exhale 🌬 like Adam & Eve 🌳…

🚨 Long Read🚨


I was sitting here listening to the “Waiting to ExhaleSoundtrack from the “Waiting to Exhalemovie and man….


I cannot wait to finally be able to do that myself.

To be in a mans arms and finally be able to exhale and know that “the wait” and “the search” 👀🔦 is over….

Wow… one can only imagine how that feels…

To stare into the eyes of my hubster bubster 🥴 (He’s so going to hate the nicknames I’m going to give him) lol. But to look at Him, and know that I have no reason to fear a broken heart because God orchestrated it all…

Wow… how divine that must feel…

Any-who, as I was sitting here, (making myself get all bubbly and crap listening to this album) lol.

I noticed, I’d forgotten to write an “Adam & Eve” blog for you guys! ✍🏽😃

Now, I usually try to write a (blog) for every video I do; just so y’all over here on WordPress won’t be feeling left out! However, in order to see everything I post, you’ll definitely want to follow me on my (other socials), because I do sometimes forget to blog.

Any-who, let’s get into this blog.

So, as I was sitting here listening to the “Waiting to Exhale” soundtrack, I couldn’t help but think about the movie! 🎥

And in deep thought💭 , I pondered all of their dilemmas and how sad they were. I also thought about how they tried to “forcemen to love them, see their worth & even have sex with them. 😓 Hence, the reason for this blog & the bible study I did last week!

⭐️ Side-note: Also, I am fully aware that this is cuffing season – (a season where everybody is simply trying to find someone to cuddle up with for the holidays and cold winter nights), but If God ain’t in it? Why be bothered sis?

I pray that your emotions will not be swayed by the weather ❄️, nor the Holidays🎄 this season.

⭐️For my men readers, this blog is specifically for women. However, you can totally tag along if you want to! 🤗

Okay, Let’s get started!

5 signs 🪧 to Know that the man you’re dating is NOT your Adam. 🌳

(Now, I won’t break it down like I did in the video, you’re just gonna have to go watch it. However, I will give you these quick pointers).

#1 Sign He is Not your Adam

You Have to Try to Open His eyes (aka) Chase After Him

Unfortunately, we Live in a generation we’re women, (both young and old), will chase after men, beg for their attention, and even stalk them; (when they realize the man they’ve grown to love/like is on his way out the door).

However, women when you do this, not only are you (diminishing your worth) but you’re also proving to the man that, “He was right about you” and that you’re not as valuable as he thought you were.

Now, listen when I tell you this!

You should know that Men are natural hunters! So, when you look at them (as far as dating goes); look at them like pirates 🏴‍☠️ that are searching for a treasure chest (you); because you are the treasure.

So, here comes a man, searching and trying to find you, but instead of waiting to be found and focusing on God; you’re jumping out of the treasure box screaming at the pirate saying, “HERE I AM!” “PLEASE PICK ME” “IM RIGHT OVER HERE!”

Now, I don’t know about y’all, but I have yet to see a movie where the treasure or jewels 💎 started talking. 😅

Lol, and I’m sure you haven’t either!

Nothing “valuable” or “worth having” has to beg to be seen.


When men stumble upon something rare, (a Jewel or hidden treasure) 💎 they will know you’re precious as soon as they find you, & you won’t have to convince them of it either.

⭐️NOTE: Try not to have a “pick me” attitude.

Nothing turns off a “real man” more than you begging him to “see you.” Besides, you’re worth the effort and the hunt! Period sis!

Instead, try this. 😌👇🏽

Now, this is what I call the “Ruth Principle” & what you do is, “hint” to the brother, lol 😅 & if he doesn’t notice your hints, or bites at what you’re offering, then YOU GRACEFULLY bow 🙇🏽‍♀️ out! There are plenty of other men who will like what they see! But you gotta know & believe that! 🤗

Get rid of that “he’s the only one” scarcity mindset.

That is the kind of mindset that instead of being cool about situations and dating a man with a (leveled head), you will be frantic & clingy, & think “every man” that approaches you is your husband. 😓🤦🏽‍♀️

That alone will take a toil on your heart & make you panic when you find out he’s not. 

#2 Sign He Is Not Your Adam

• One of You feels “Off” about the relationship.

Now, I’m not talking about a (stomach ache), a headache, or you guys having a bad day, No. when I mean “off,” I mean that, it’s a constant “restlessness or a sense of “No Peace” within the relationship. It feels like things just aren’t “clicking” into place.

⭐️NOTE: Even if you two are “good people separately” you can still be “Terrible” together.


Now, y’all know I’m spiritual. With that being said, I try to Find God in Everything. However, this is one point☝🏽 I feel doesn’t require a lot of searching to see God at work within it.

And the reason why I say that is because, I feel like God allows us to be “unsettled” with anyone who is not our “God Ordained Spouse” on Purpose.

For some of us, He frustrates and makes it extremely hard for us to be with just “anyone.” (Even if you have plans to Marry them).

Trust me on this… 😥

I have learned the hard way that (the higher the calling) the more “unsettled” & “off” you will feel about being with someone who isn’t your soul mate.

But, that is NOT a Bad thing! It just means that your calling is “so great” that God will not allow you to go through years of “torment,” & “no peace” only to end up in a divorce court because you realize after a few months that you’ve married the wrong person, or that God wasn’t in it.


He wants us to focus on our call and lead people to Him! But how can we do that? If we’re yelling at our wife/husband every day? Slamming doors! And hate to even go home 🏡 (cause we don’t even want to look at them).

In a marriage like that, you can’t even focus, let alone try to get someone else saved! So, please hear me when I tell y’all; DO NOT ignore the feelings of “uneasiness.” That is a big🚨 indicator that God wants you with someone else.

And although some have gotten divorced and then married the right person, everyone cannot afford that testimony.

#3 Sign He Is Not Your Adam

•You have to Manipulate Him

Yes ladies… I know y’all don’t want to talk about this.. but I’m sorry, I must give y’all the truth!

Manipulation, is a form of witchcraft 😬…

Some ladies do this (unknowingly) while others do it (knowingly). However, if you do it “in any capacity” (whether great or small) just know, that is Not the Will of God for you to have to manipulate a man to be with you.

Let me give you an example:

Say for instance, you’re taking to a man, and although the relationship is going great; he one day pulls you aside and tells you he needs to pray about the (two of you) and make sure that you’re in God’s will for his life.

He then decides to take a break from the relationship, so he can hear God clearly.

Now, I know that may come as a shock or even hurt you a little bit. But IF GOD put the two of you together, you can be sure that God will give him all “The Confirmations” he needs to stay with you and move the relationship forward.

I’m reminded of Joseph when he thought about leaving Mary and putting her away (calling off the engagement) because she was pregnant with Jesus.

But What did God do??

God sent an angel to tell him!! “Nah.. that’s the one play boy, gone’ on and get with her. Don’t be afraid to marry her.” (I’m paraphrasing 🤣)

Lol. However, nowhere in the Bible does it say that Mary went and begged Joseph to come back, nor does it say she panicked or went crazy without him.


Mary knew that Her being impregnated with Jesus, (had come straight from the Father), so she wasn’t tripping bout’ Joseph.


She was like, “Well, do what you gotta do Joseph, but I’m obeying God regardless, with or without you.” And Then God came to him hisself & told him! (Eh-ca-sha-ta!) 💃🏽 I’m about to shout y’all! 🤣 lol! Moreover, God didn’t need Mary to try to convince Joseph of anything. God was like, “I got this daughter, you just stay right there!” 💁🏽‍♀️

But some of us, don’t allow God to tell the man NOTHING, you instead get in a spirit of “Sarah” and try to force things & make it happen yourself! Forgetting that if God truly spoke to you (concerning him), all you have to do is wait & trust God.

And guess what?

Even after Sarah got Abraham to sleep with her handmaiden and have Ishmael they still had to get rid of him!!!



⭐️ The Will of God cannot dwell with the Will of self.


Either you walk into God’s complete will, or you do your own & forfeit your destiny. But, you cannot pick what parts of “His will” you want to follow and ignore the parts you don’t. It doesn’t work like that.

To sum this point up, God doesn’t need your help ladies! He’s got this! If a man walks away from you or says he needs a break, “do not lose your cool.

Give that relationship fully over to God! And focus on yourself! 🤗 Laugh, pray, go have fun with your girls and stay in the presence of God!

Whatever you do, DO NOT get on social media & start posting a million memes and retweeting a million quotes (that you know will offend him if he saw it) because you want him to know he hurt you. And please for the love of Jesus!!! 😓 Don’t post pictures of yourself half-naked or in lustful positions to try to seduce him to come back.. come on sis… you’re worth more than that.

⭐️ SIDE NOTE: Besides why would you not want the person God wants you to have? Believe me, you, they will surpass any imagination 💭 or fantasy you have ever dreamed 🛌 of! And they will be “perfectly molded” to walk along side of you for the rest of your life.

And sis…

Nothing is more beautiful than that..

⭐️ Do not take “lack of reciprocation” as a challenge to convince a man of your worth.

The One☝🏽 will see you, without you even opening up your mouth. (Just like Adam saw Eve). Your real hubby will “see you”, “your heart” and “the glory of God” on you. And “God himself” will place in Him a “burning desire” for you. (And He will fulfill that desire by giving you to him, in His perfect timing. ⏱

In the meantime, all you gotta do is sit back, chill and wait on the timing of God. 💁🏽‍♀️🕰🍹🏝 🌊

#4 Sign 🪧 He Is Not Your Adam

•He has “NO PASSION” for you

This sort of goes back to the manipulation thing, but a true authentic sign a man is Not the one for you, is that he has no passion to be with you.

If the passion or desire to be together is “one-sided” & it’s only you who feels that way; then that is a BIG indication He is not the one☝🏽.

If that’s the case, (be at peace) and let him go sis.

You want a man who wants you and will love you like Jesus loves his church ⛪️. Not a man who treats you like a ($5 groupie trying to get his attention.)

If he’s not putting forth the effort to be with you, (or if he’s unsure about you); leave him in the hands of the Father!!! 🙏🏽

And when I say that, let me be very clear about what I mean. 

I do not mean for you to go get 5 of your friends and y’all rally around in a circle ⭕️ praying “Oh Lord!! Let him choose her! Let him see her, make him come back and be with her Oh God!” Once again, that is subtle witchcraft.

✨Because you do not know who you’re going to marry (until you actually marry them); if you’re praying prayers like that, and that’s someone else’s husband, God WILL NOT EVEN HEAR YOU.✨ 

And The last thing you want to do is be in trouble with The Lord because you loosed “spirits of confusion” over a man who was trying to do the Will of God, (even if that will did not include you). Then, at that point, you’re coming against God.. and let me just tell you, you do not want to do that sis.. TRUST ME.. 😥

And I know that that’s kind of deep and I will go into depth later about praying for your husband and how to do that “effectively” without praying witchcraft prayers.

However, to sum it all up, do not “force” yourself upon someone that doesn’t want you.

I heard a woman say a long time ago, that her husband was so perfect for her that they just flowed together like water. She said the love was so strong between her and her husband, that even when she lied her head on his chest at night, their heartbeat 💓 was the same… 🥺 #whew 😭

He’s passed away now, (she did too, shortly after), but I remember her telling me how she got to experience a love that people only dream about.

That’s what I want sis!

And you should too! 😭🙏🏽

A man who matches you in the spirit and in the natural. A man who looks at you and sees God! A man who treasures you and is burning for you.

Not a man who (if you were to walk in a room) he wouldn’t even notice.

No ma’am.

You want passion!


And fire!

Siri play “Fire and Desire” by Rick James and Teena Marie 🤣. 

All jokes aside, lol.

Sis, you want those things! And you need them! Because that fire is what will (help him) love you when times get rough, that passion is what will (keep him) when y’all are going through hard times, and that desire is what will (steer him back home), when another woman is tempting him to cheat.

The last thing you want is for you to “force” yourself upon a man and then for y’all to get married and instead of (joy and passion) for you, he’s rolling over angry everyday thinking “Why did he marry you?” And instead of the freedom that comes from (waiting on who God has & obeying Him), he feels trapped & in bondage, because now that you’re married; (he can clearly see you were not the one), and now, he doesn’t know how to get out of it.

That is what “Leah” tried to do to Jacob. She thought marriage & sex would get her the heart of Jacob. But it didn’t work. She even tried to have children to get him to love her, but still, his heart burned for Rachel. The Bible even says that Jacob hated her ALL THE MORE. #whew 😥

Ladies… for the sake of you, and the man you’re talking to, DO NOT FORCE yourself upon him.

⭐️You do not want to be in a passionless, hateful, Not God-ordained marriage.

What you want is for a man to look at you and know he couldn’t have chosen better.

You want him to look at you and within his heart say, “I know God gave her to me.”

You want him to look at you with passion in his eyes for you and only you.

And you can have that sis!!!

But first you have to let go of what wants to be free.

If he’s from God, you will not have to manipulate him by “having sex” with him, or “trying to cook” for him, or by trying to “get your friends involved” and have them reaching out to him “trying to convince him that you are a good woman.”

When God wants something for you, It don’t TAKE ALL OF THAT.

ALL IT TAKES IS A WORD FROM HEAVEN. And two obedient people to make it happen, and the Will of God will be done in the earth! 🌍

And The Final Point…

#5 Sign 🪧 He Is Not Your Adam

• You Cannot Fully Be Yourself Around Him

Once again I think about “Leah” and think about how she literally (pretended) to be Rachel in the hopes that Jacob would wake up the next morning ☀️ and suddenly be okay with the fact that she was NOT who he’d worked so hard for and truly wanted.

Uhm no sis… you trifling for that. 😐 Lol

And why was you pretending?

People always want to talk about Laban being a trickster (which he was), but they fail to realize Leah was one as well! She was a willing participant!

She could’ve pulled Jacob aside and said, “Yo, man, they trying to trick you and make you marry me instead of Rachel, but I told them I didn’t want to do it.”

But she didn’t!! She even went so far as to tell Rachel one evening, “You stole my husband.” Girl pleaseeee he was NEVER yours to begin with. And he NEVER wanted you. Like, make it make sense Jesus..🤦🏽‍♀️

Lol. 😂

Anyway, what the “spirit of Leah” would look like in today’s times, is a woman who goes to great lengths to be with a man. She finds out “everything a man wants in a wife” and then goes and “pretends” to be that woman until he marries her.

Then, (after marriage), he goes to pull back the covers only to realize she has a different attitude, a different personality, & her entire being is completely opposite of what he thought he’d signed up for!

Girl please… Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You better be yourself! 💁🏽‍♀️

Even me, if you’ve read my last couple of blogs you will know that I talked about a man who (after dating me) said, “I was Too Much” one even went so far as to say “I was too anointed” to be with him.

At first, I was like what???

But now, I understand!

I am a “tongue talking, devil casting, praying prophetess!” (And that alone is too much for the average man). Not to mention I sing, cook, write songs, rap, write books, write movies, direct, act, paint, & all my other endeavors such as (blogging, preaching) etc.

So, a man who doesn’t have the capacity for all of that, will be overwhelmed trying to hold me up.

Either Jealously will kick in, or he will feel overwhelmed. (And yes I have had men get jealous of me). I’ve even had a couple of them get jealous of my relationship with God. 😓

Whew child.. that’s a whole nother’

But guess what?

The husband that God has for me is going to love this singing, tongue talking, funny woman of God.

So, why would I force someone else to contain me if they’ve flat foot told me “You’re too much for me! I cannot hold you up! You’re heavy!”

Moreover, the things that annoy one☝🏽 man, your real husband will love about you.

One man may say “You pray too much” “Why you talking in tongues” while another will say, “Baby, make sure you pray for me today when you spend time with God!”

One man wants a woman who works a 9-5 because he feels she’s simple and he can contain that. While another one may want a superstar ⭐️ in the making.

However, both men deserve to get what they want! And one☝🏽 woman is not greater than the other. It’s simply what the man prefers! And what God has ordained. 🤷🏽‍♀️

If you can’t fully be yourself without him looking at you crazy, or wanting to get away from you, then that ain’t it sis.

God will send you a man you can be 100% yourself with! This man, once he sees you, will marvel at you, not shrink back with Disgust.


But you have to wait on The Lord sis!

And while you’re waiting,

Be at peace & Rest! 🕊

And live yo’ best life! 💁🏽‍♀️

You are far above rubies♦️, diamonds 💎 and all of that! 🤗

But you gotta know that!

And leave the matchmaking to God!

As we can see from “Ruth & Boaz,” to “Isaac & Rebecca,” to “Adam & Eve,” & even “Mary & Joseph;” God does not need our help!

I pray that this blessed 😇 someone! If it did, please share it with other women as well!

It’s cuffing season, & my heart is so sad within me for “the single women” around this time of year. I have been seeing this desperation so much lately, “Up and down” my timeline.

Women posting all kinds of stuff and saying they want they ex back just so they can have someone to cuddle with for the winter❄️.. (regardless of how bad the man treated them) and y’all know me..

Seeing that kind of stuff breaks my heart, especially for the women who have yet to realize their worth…

In short…

Ladies, God has someone beautiful for all of us who desire to be married…

And in “this man” you will finally be able to do what you’ve always wanted to do…



Takyah 💐

P.S. if you haven’t seen the “Adam & Eve (Signs He’s not Your Husband)” video, here’s the link! 🌳


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