My EP Is Out & I Cried…💿

My EP “FREEDOM PERIOD” is out.. and I did not react the way I thought 💭 I would’ve…

My EP was live at 12:00 a.m. this morning and by 12:50 a.m. I was off of social media & in the presence of God crying…

& it wasn’t a cry of joy.. but one of sorrow… 🥺

At first I thought it was because of “the lack of support” about the EP.. But The Lord led me to a scripture, and when I saw it.. I immediately broke down..

And As I was crying and weeping,

He spoke to me…

Takyah, my sweet daughter whom I love.. Why do you weep? When I am already performing my word? Why do you cry? When I have already gone before you and made every crooked path straight! Oh, daughter, do you not see? What I am doing? Can you not feel it? The miracles I am about to perform on your behalf? Trust me.. trust me.. trust me… I know what I am doing. You are no longer in a weeping season, but you have been translated into a season of Joy. Get up from here and be merry! Laugh for your due season is swiftly upon you.. Daughter, trust me.. I know what I am doing… Get up from here! Dance! Sing & shout! For everything I promised you shall overtake you Suddenly…”

After He spoke, I realized my weeping was sooo much deeper that what I’d previously thought…

Here I was, sitting here crying because of all the things “The Lord said He would do.” And although I truly want to believe them… my heart will not let me fully believe Him like I want to.

Once I realized I had doubt within my heart toward God’s word; I began to repent and cry even more. 😭 Y’all, I want so badly to please and obey Him. And I hated the fact that I had any amount of doubt within my heart… (even if it is small).

And I know y’all might not understand… but you have to really know me, to get why I was so sorrowful at a time when I should be happy…

But, since you don’t know me (except by the blogs I write), I imagine I must sound crazy to you… 😔

Once again..

You have to know me and understand the pain and turmoil I have went through since I have entered into this World .. & after going through so many tragedies (year after year) you don’t even expect for your life to be any different. While you secretly hope and pray things change, you’re still unsure if they ever will..

And when your dreams and visions Tarry for so long, you just get used to it..

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12

You get used to things not going right.. you get used to rejection. You get used to relationships falling to the ground, you get used to people always choosing someone else over you because you’re “not this enough,” or “that enough” or because, you’re “too much” and in all of that; I have learned the art of pain & rejection.

If I’m being honest, I became so used to “suffering” that I even learned how to function out of it.

My whole world could literally be on fire and I would still be praying for others and helping them with their problems.

But Now…

All of a sudden???

Things are about to change???

I have never really been in a place of “continuous” peace (there was always something going on). But now, God is saying He’s about to bless me and give me all of these blessings Suddenly?

Oh Lord… it is so hard to believe.. 😭

Yesterday, after I’d went on a rant about not having support. As soon as I finished my last tweet 🐥 The Lord literally showed me His hand coming down from Heaven and placing me on a throne and then His hand setting a crown 👑 upon my head…

Oh.. God… even with all the visions and prophecies and words I have received; still, it is so very hard to believe…

I have waited so long… for things to change. I have trusted before and nothing happened. Help me to trust you more Father,

Help my unbelief..

Help me to believe you.

You literally told a woman of God to tell me that I would be “As Big as the artist Named H.E.R.? Does she not realize who’s she’s taking about? You mean “the” H.E.R.??

I am still shaking to my core thinking about the night I received that word.. 🙏🏽😭


Little ole me?

Jesus, are you sure you’re talking to me?

I’m sorry… y’all…. I know I should be happy about my EP release… but instead I am crying sorrowful tears because God is saying He’s about to bless me! 🤦🏽‍♀️😔

How crazy I must sound.

I feel so misunderstood even writing this to you all…

You know what..

I’ll just stop..

I’m done…

I need to get some sleep.. maybe I’ll feel much better in the morning after a cup of Hot chocolate 🍫☕️ & (prayer/morning) meditations.

Thanks for listening though..

Please keep me in your prayers… and pray 🙏🏽 that all my doubt and fears be removed..

Thanks in advance my loves!

I Love you all with the Love of The Lord!!

Talk to you soon… 🥺

-Takyah 💜

Oh… I’m so sorry, I forgot to give you guys the link to the Album…

Here ya go!

“FREEDOM PERIOD” (Full EP) -Takyah

Good night… 🌙


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