Arise & Become….

The day before I created the “Idolatry” Video there were ten angels outside of my house…

I have never seen so many angels at once except for a heavenly visitation I once had (out of the body). But to see this many outside of my house? Standing around it?

Guarding it?

I’ve seen only one before, and at another time two.

But that day it was 10…

And I looked at them so…

so afraid…

I still haven’t spoken on the events of that day to anyone except for my mom and my best friends..

And even now, I will remain silent..

Oh Lord… who am I that you should call me so high….

I have been in a Cave for years Dear Lord

And the cave is comfortable…

The cave is familiar…

The cave is where I saw you…

And I was fine there…

And You..

You are not Just bringing me out..

But you are bringing me out of the Cave swinging at Goliaths

Oh, dear Lord….

I want to ask why… why me?

But at this point in my life; after all you’ve shown me You will do, it seems like such a foolish question to ask…

I fear you too much to even ask it…

Lord, do you know who I am??!?

I am just Takyah…

Little Takyah…

And on me you have placed the burdens of your people and the burdens of many.

Lord, what is all this for?

What is all this about?

I was fine making silly videos… but now you want me to talk about marriage, and being a wife & training women in the way that they should go.

I was fine singing in the background or not singing at all. So many people have rejected me that it made blending in with the walls easier…

But now, You have told me I would sing before millions.

Lord, I was fine having encounters with you and soaking up Your Glory for myself in private..

But now, you want me to show others how they can obtain that same glory themselves?

Lord… what are you doing with my life?

I did not ask for all of this…

I only asked to please you and make you happy….

Oh… but now I see that I can only make you happy by fully doing your will..

And dear Lord

I Feel that you have tricked me…

For I have seen too much of you to turn back now…. I have experienced too much..

I have seen you with my own eyes!!!

So where can I go?

Who can make me feel the way you do?

Who can love me like you?

You have hooked me onto you! So that “without you” I would die!!

Your love is so addicting!!

Your presence, so glorious!!!

That even if I wanted to run from you..

Again I say!!!

How long would It last?

A few hours?

A few minutes?


I would not even last a second without You!

For Who is like you Oh Lord!!!!!

No one!!!! I say!!

Therefore, I feel I have been tricked.

You showed me glorious things, and joy & hope and love,


but it is a price to pay to obtain them..

It is a price to pay to be Chosen

OhLord.. my soul desperately wants to please you..

But yet again I see… that the only way I can please you, is by doing your will..

And that is why I feel tricked..

For So much comes with Your Will…. 😔

I am sorry, if it sounds like I am fighting your “Molding” process, but Lord you have placed on me.. something heavy…

Just a few hours ago, I tried to run, I tried to hide, I even made all of my social media pages private, but when I did,

Your Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me “That Season is Over.” “Make it public again.”

Lord…. I am not used to being “out” I am not used to people looking at me..

I am not used to pouring into people in this manner.

I am not used to giving these words.

I am not used to speaking twice or more times a week.

I am only comfortable doing these things in private for only a few to see…

But you won’t stop pouring into me…

Dear Lord… you love your people so much…

Forgive me… for not wanting to be a vessel to be used by You to minister to them…

Once again… I say, “yes.”

I am sorry for the moments of doubts, frustration & anguish.

I am sorry for not wanting what you are showing me…

I repent.

Dear Lord…

I repent..

And I thank you for the grace you have given me, while I am Becoming

BECOME” (Spontaneous Worship) – Takyah

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