Church ⛪️ Hunt…

Huh…. (Exhales)

I never thought finding a church home in LA 🌴 would be this hard.

From one church to another… they have all been..



Yeah… “special.”


Let’s stick with that.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no one to judge anything or anyone, or even peoples “way of doing things.”

I truly do not care about any of that.

I only care that in all your ways, in all your doing things, & in all your many programs that The presence of Jesus and His Holy Spirit are allowed to flow freely through it.

Because if He cannot flow freely?

Then, what is one jumping for?

If he cannot prophesy to the broken hearts hiding in the back of the service, what is one shouting for?

If He cannot comfort the lost, what is one playing the piano in joy for?


I wish I was stupid.

I know that sounds crazy…

But honestly, foolish people seem to not have to worry about much in life.

They simply go about their days, sin, play church & then go home. And guess what? They do it all over again next week.

They live life with no regard to the Will of God. No regard to His plans. No regard to anything! Except their own selfish wants and desires.

Life sometimes seems much simpler for them.

I cannot lie, at times, I envy their naivety.

But then, I am reminded that “the people perish because of their lack of knowledge” & then… the urge to be foolish or naive disappears within me.


Nevertheless, I have heard good things about this church. So, we shall see.

I looked at their services & saw they had two, so that’s a good thing! Because knowing me, a night owl, 🌙 the latter will probably suit me best. (At least until I can get this California time zone down packed). At first I thought they were in Colorado because of the address, but to my surprise, the address is 20 mins from my NEW APARTMENT

Oh my gosh!!!

I forgot to tell you guys about my new apartment!!! 🏡💗😭🔑

I haven’t showed you guys pictures or anything!!

My apologies, my loves!!!

Sorry, the internet has been down and I haven’t been able to write, do music or anything I normally do. But it got installed yesterday and I am so happy about it!! 😆👩🏽‍💻

Anywho, here’s a few photos of my new place:

All I have to say is God is so faithful… 🌈 🥲

I have so much to catch you guys up on. But for now, this will have to do!

I’m actually going out in a couple of hours to shop and look for more decor 🛋.

I’ve already done a lot of shopping 🛍 (because I’ve been shopping since last year when The Lord first told me I would be moving in the Summer); so, most of my shopping is done.

Now, I’m just getting things like “light bulbs, candles, lamps, air fresheners & a few canvases so I can paint 🎨 some artwork to put on my walls.” 👩🏽‍🎨

I don’t have much to get though, because I’ve been prepared.

Unfortunately, my furniture will not be delivered until the end of the month.

Ugh 😩

I’m so tired of sleeping on this air mattress I don’t know what to do!

I’m also ready to decorate my place! So, you can imagine how annoying it is to have to wait!

Anywho, even with the air mattress & the furniture not being here, I am still happy. 😃💗

Everyday that I wake up in this place, there is a certain joy that I just didn’t have in Memphis.

I don’t know what it is, but it’s beautiful.

It’s like, a knowing that God is faithful… 🌈

A surety that my life is safe in His hands… ☀️

And a peace that let’s me know I’m in His will. 🕊

I don’t know…

All I know is,

My spirit is at peace.


I will write to you all later.

Hopefully, tomorrow won’t be as egregious as the others… 🤞🏽⛪️

It’s Resurrection 🐣 Sunday for Pete’s sake…

Takyah 💐


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