Me and My Hubby’s Church 😳⛪️

So… I’m up now.

Well… duhh..

Lol, it’s not like I can type and sleep at the same time…

“That would be Crazy.” (Kevin’s voice from The Office).

Anyway, lol.

I’m up.

& I’m thinking.

I just got through watching Charles Stanley teach on the Will of God.

And I don’t know why…

But midway through his message, I started thinking about the church ⛪️ me and my hubby are going to have one day.


The fact that I’m even saying this, is a miracle. Lol 😂

Trust me.

This is not something I have EVER WANTED.

And still, I am unsure of exactly what God’s plan are concerning my life…

But lately…

Well, since I had my visitation with The Lord back in March and He asked me would I feed his sheep?

I have noticed a heart change.

It’s like I’ve been all mushy & wushy towards people.

I guess the correct term is compassionate. 😅

Except, it feels likes it’s been in overload mode.

Trust me… if you know me.

You’ll know that after I give someone a word from the Lord or something of that nature & they don’t listen, I be out ✌🏽.

Like, I’m not finna pray with you again, I’m not finna keep telling you the same things over and over again. And I most definitely am not coddling Anybody!

If you ain’t my husband you ain’t getting pacified period!!! lol.

Well, at least that’s how I was…

But lately…

I have been the complete opposite of the TAKYAH I normally am.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the black and white side of me is still very much there; as I don’t believe in sugar coating the word of God for anybody (including myself).

However, the compassion, the grace, the love (well extra love), & the understanding has just been magnified greatly in my heart towards people.

I feel as though The Lord is literally giving me a heart for people & helping me to see them through His eyes…

And y’all….

It’s so much compassion!!!!!!!

Like, it’s crazy!

Even today, (well a few hours ago) I had to delete a comment a man left on my newest thread.

He basically told me to go suck somebody’s a— cause he felt that what I was saying wasn’t true.

I didn’t argue with him.

I didn’t clap back or any of that.

Although I deleted his comment; I still felt compassion for him afterwards.

And guess what I did y’all?!?

I prayed 🙏🏽 for him!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! 😆😆😆

Do y’all hear me?!!?!!!!!!

Lol, like this is huge for me!! 😂

And don’t get me wrong I’ve had to do some humbling acts & shutting my mouth when it came to people before; but for people I don’t know???

Mane… I’d usually go off on them folks so bad and wouldn’t think twice about it.

I’m kidding… 👀😬 lol

But man… today I noticed that small but big change.

And idk…

but it’s just something about that interaction that has me excited. 🤩✝️

Is it weird that I’m excited after someone told me to go suck a— 🤔

Hmm… why.. yes… yes it is.. lol

but still…

I am excited!! 😆😆😆

So, I was sitting here thinking of things we could do or would do; in the church that God gives us and how we would lead God’s people.

I was thinking of partnering with therapists; credit repairers, business starters, job finders, & just having a community where you don’t just come to church; but you come to church and thrive!!!

You come to church & learn how to live a successful & happy life and you learn how to walk-in the king/queen like authority God called you to walk in.

I was thinking of a church that doesn’t stop with me and my family.

Like, I’m tired of seeing that!

And of course it’s nothing wrong with a pastor and his wife & children prospering; but what about everybody else? What about their lives? Why does it always stop there when the Bible said they had ALL THINGS in common. (ACTS 4)

I want us all to be on top being the best us we can be!! 🥹

Sure, we’re going to lay hands on you; but after hands are laid and demons are cast out of you; we’re going to give you the tools and natural resources to stay free!


Lastly, as I was sitting here, I was thinking of how cool it would be to just go inside of our church ⛪️ and just worship 🕊 God all night 🌙, lay out on the altar & be with Him. 🥹

No members.

No distractions.

Just me and God.

I guess my hubby can come sometimes too if he wants. 🙄😂 lol.


That would be so cool… 🥹


Okay, I desperately need to go to sleep!

Night guys! 🌙😇

Takyah 🕊


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