This is God’s World… 🌎

If you guys follow me on twitter 🐥, this blog ✍🏽, or any of my social media accounts; then you would know already how my day went today…

It did not go well… 🥺

From the beginning of it, until just a few moments ago it was all terrible.

But it turned after deep thoughts 💭 & some wise words from a wise man that reminded me that this truly is God’s world.

As much as I would have liked to have had a smooth, no problem flight ✈️ and eased myself into Memphis to get beautified tomorrow 💁🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️💇🏽‍♀️… things just didn’t go that way.

I was inconvenienced.

I was let down.

My suitcase 🧳 was extremely heavy & I was already sleepy 🥱 and tired from me not getting any sleep last night.

I was frustrated.


And at the end of it all, I cried.

That cry was not only for that moment but for others piled on top of it.

I know I’m good at smiling when I’m hurt, but today, I couldn’t hold it in.

As I swiped my hotel key card for a hotel room that wasn’t in my plans; it was only moments before I let it all out & just broke down.

But in the midst of my tears, I was reminded of something.

The Lord literally just used me to minister to this precious soul who was going through Cancer, laid hands on her, prophesied that she would be cancer free & exchanged contact info with her, because I want a praise report 💃🏽 when she goes back to the doctor and gets that negative test God promised her.

As soon as this lady sat by me. I knew God had something to say to her. I could feel it & honestly… my first response was to turn my music up in my headphones.

I know that’s terrible… 😕

But it is the truth.

Nevertheless, as God would have it, she smiled and began talking to me & I turned my music off.

With tears streaming down her eyes, I saw How much the Lord loved her & how much He wanted to minister to her in that dark place. After prayer, she even said she felt better immediately and she felt something leave her body.

Now, back at my hotel 🏨 sulking & acting nothing shy of “Jonah the prophet” 🐋 lol 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m looking at myself like really TAKYAH?!?!

You’re mad that you had to be inconvenienced for a soul?!?

Come on Takyah…

And then right as I thought that…

this guy… 🥺💙

Just ministered to me unknowingly everything that I needed to hear; because quite frankly…

Sometimes, I get tired of pouring out into others & feeling like there’s no one to pour into me.

I feel like God inconveniences me A-LOT to be used for His glory. And although I pray for that to happen; however it happened in such a unexpected and frustrating way today…

But still…

I’d rather have His heart…

And if it’s in His heart to stop my plans just so He can love on someone else & bring Hisself glory in the end…

Then, so be it…

It is truly His world and we are just living in it…


I needed to hear that…

Takyah 🌎💚💙


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