Dentist 🪥🦷 Appointment…


I just left the dentist and unfortunately I have about $13,000 worth of work that needs to be done in order to get my mouth sparkling white ✨ with implants, along with 3 crowns, so all of my teeth can be back in healthy shape.

I don’t even know a dental provider that will cover that, let alone even half of that.

I truly do not know what to do, other than get a full- time job and work over time for the next few months.


Y’all… I really miss my teeth and my smile.

I love smiling.

Although, I still smile; it’s definitely not how it used to be.

Especially, since the last dentist pulled out 4 of my freaking teeth!!! (Who I later found out was on drugs. So, did he even need to do what he did? Because how can a drug head evaluate anybody “correctly.” I don’t even know if his practice is still open.) 🤦🏽‍♀️

Memphis. 😒

Any who, I knew it was going to be costly but 13 grand…


If only candy 🍭 had a label on it that said,

WARNING: ⚠️ Eating this candy may cost you 13,000 of dental work later.” ⚠️

Trust, if it did,

I would’ve never eaten it like I did growing up.

Oh well, I can’t go backwards.

I can only do better now.

Anyway, guess I’ll write later…

Bye y’all…

Takyah 🥺🦷🪥

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